SP 050

It has to be a part of any vacuum cleaner

Indispensable universal accessory for the use at home, car, and garage

The SP 050 is an incredible universal and functional cleaning tool. It is called as brush, furniture brush or instruments brush (e.g. for armatures within cars), as this face the different application areas. The brush crown is rotatable by 360°. Their position can changed by rotation, what can offer advantages in use. Bristles are available in PP or natural hair. They easily remove dirt from any covering. This Wessel-Werk accessory is ‘made in Germany’.

  • Universal
    Usable as e.g. brush, furniture brush, and instruments brush.
  • Flexible
    By turning of the brush you can move its position what makes access very flexible.
  • Easy to use
    Cleaning is going very comfortable, as the brush is directly connect with the vacuum cleaners handle.