The vacuum cleaner is just as good as its nozzle

Since the EU energy label is taking effect on the vacuum cleaners power consumption, cleaners with high power input are no longer welcome. The power has limited to 900 Watt. The regulation include high demands to energy efficiency, dust pick-up on hard floor and carpet, dust re-emission, and sound level. To fulfill the requirements, vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner nozzles has to fit together perfectly.

In order to reach the European standing orders and to protect competitive advantages, a highly efficient vacuum cleaner nozzle is absolutely necessary – as the vacuum cleaner is just as good as its nozzle. At independent vacuum cleaner comparison tests, the nozzle performance count almost 45% of total result. A high-efficient Wessel-Werk eco nozzle can provide the crucial competitive advantage.

Wessel-Werk offers a large eco nozzle assortment for low power and energy saving vacuum cleaners. These products realize a better dust pick-up and process with a low sound level. Regardless, if entry level or professional level, Wessel-Werk can provide the right solution for any target group and offers manufacturers advantages for their portfolio strategy and segmentation.