On all textiles at home

Small and handy upholstery nozzle providing two large lint pickers for easy removing of hairs and lint from textiles

The smart upholstery brush PDF is a must for any household. Therefore a upholstery brush is part of the delivery scope of as good as any vacuum cleaner. It is a proven nozzle for the cleaning of textiles. Thanks to its slim design, it is very handy. The PDF offers two large lint pickers with Wessel-quality to remove hair, pet hair, and lint from upholstery, matrasses, blankets and pillows. It is robust and “Made in Germany”.

  • Robust
    Hard-wearing upholstery nozzle.
  • Handy
    Connection with the vacuum cleaner handle.
  • All-round nozzle for textiles
    Ideal for use at home and in cars to clean sofas, matrasses, pillows, blankets or car seats and other textiles within cars.