Turbo Nozzles

Deep cleaning on carpets

Turbo brushes with rotating brush

For high demands and persistent dirt

For vacuum cleaners being designed to receive outstanding deep cleaning results on carpets, Wessel-Werk offers a selection of turbo nozzles. Turbo brushes guarantees better deep cleaning of carpets. In comparison to standard nozzles, Wessel turbo brushes contain a rotating brush with double-v-bristles, driven by the air-flow of the vacuum cleaner. The brush rotates and brushes persistent dirt, like hair, pet hair, and other dirt, out of textile floors.

They are a wise alternative for vacuum cleaners focusing on carpet cleaning or as accessory as part of the aftermarket business.

Wessel offers a wide range of solutions, e.g. with or without air-regulation, different working width or energy efficiency. The latest model is designed for use with energy saving vacuum cleaners specially. Wessel-Werk turbo brush can precisely adjusted to optimize cleaning performance with the selection of the optimal modular intake gate.


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