PT 160

Turbo strong in any circumstance

Mini turbo brush for deep cleaning of upholstery, matrasses, blankets, etc.

This hand-operated turbo brush is the ideal addition to any floor nozzle, as it clean any other textiles comfortably and deeply. PT 160 offers a working width of 160 mm only and consist of an adjustable suction head in order to provide optimum suction performance. That makes this mini turbo brush to a perfect cleaning solution for upholstery, matrasses, blankets, and pillows. Even persistent dirt, like hair, pet hair, and lint, can removed easily with its rotating brush. PT 160 clean any textiles deeply.

  • Performance
    Effective removal of common household dust as well as pet hair, mites, and allergens.
  • Cleaning performance
    Provides increased effectiveness from agitation by the high-speed double chevron brush roll.
  • Easy to operate
    Due to the small working width, the direct connection to the vacuum cleaners handle, as well as the movable suction opening the PT 160 is extremely easy to handle. Additionally it can cleaned very easy through simple opening.
  • Industry Forum Design Award