Mask Clips

For the easy production of an everyday mask

Four steps to an everyday mask

Quick, easy and ideal for on the road: With the mask clips, an everyday mask can be made in just a few steps. One set consists of two mask clips and two rubber bands. All that is needed is a filter medium, which is quickly available at home or on the road. Most suitable are cloth or paper handkerchiefs, kitchen roll or a piece of cloth. Folded in a fan shape - single or multi-layer - the filter medium is simply clamped into the mask clips. The width of the mask can be individually adjusted using the rubber bands attached to the clips. Special feature: The filter medium can be replaced after a long period of wear or disposed of or washed after use.


  • Simple
    Quick and easy in just four steps
  • Hygienic
    The filter medium can be easily replaced after a long period of wear - even when on the road.
  • Customizable
    Filter medium and fit can be individually adapted.