D 360

Guaranteed not hydrophobic

Extremely durable vacuum cleaner floor brush/floor squeegee

The D 360 is die ideally solution for all hard-floor cleaning demands. It picks up the toughest wet and dry debris. The D 360 is practical for hard floors and even carpets. Brush Strippers and/or squeegee blades can combined on a single nozzle for special applications (available in natural fiber, PA, or rubber).

  • Versatile
    robust nozzle for dry and wet use – ideal as addition with a standard nozzle.
  • Easily maintained
    through broad inside space.
  • Integrated wheels
    facilitate ease of use.
  • Light-weight
    nozzle for easy handling.
  • Multifunctional
    suitable for wet pick-up. Bristles and squeegee blades can be combined on a single nozzle for special applications.
  • Ideal for industrial use
    extra-wide cleaning path (14”) improves efficiency for large areas; ease of use facilitated by high maneuverability and low weight.