D 330 "Turn & Clean"

Gentle cleaning for sensitive floors

Extremely maneuverable, versatile hard floor vacuum cleaner nozzle with natural bristles

The D 330 “Turn & Clean“ is safe on all hard floor surfaces due to its supe¬rior design and natural bristles. The nozzle safely vacuums even the most delicate wood, stone and ceramic floors. The D 330 "Turn & Clean" features a patented universal joint with +180 ° swivel and +90° pivot movement. The 330 mm cleaning width allows efficient cleaning of large areas. To remove adhering dirt on hard floors during suction, a mop can be attached to the nozzle. For devices that are suitable for wet suction, the mop can be moistened as usual. For dry vacuum cleaners a slightly damp use is recommended. For use on carpet D 330 "Turn & Clean" can be extended with a carpet attachment.

  • Unique maneuverability
    Patented universal joint allows +180° swivel and +90°pivot movement. Hard-to-clean areas can easily accessed without furniture moving – due to the nozzle’s compact size & fully articulating neck.
  • Low profile & extended cleaning width
    Low profile fits under furniture. The 330 mm cleaning path also allows for an efficient and time-saving cleaning of large areas.
  • Optimal brush design
    Allows for superb pick-up of fine and coarse debris without loss of performance.
  • Optional: mop and carpet attachment CA 330

    Extended with a mop, D 330 “Turn & Clean” is suitable for vacuuming and wiping in one operation. For use on carpet, a carpet attachment can be used.