All-rounder for individual cleaning 

Floor nozzle with unique exchangeable carrier system

ClickBrush has a unique carrier system that can be individually combined with different attachments. The attachment set has solutions for a variety of applications; wet and dry cleaning of hard floors, carpet cleaning and even detail cleaning. All achieved with a quick and easy ‘click’. Simply depress the pedal switch and the carrier system can easily be clicked into another attachment. Especially for the cleaning of textile surfaces, an upholstery nozzle with lint pickers is integrated into the carrier plate - ideal for commercial cleaning. In addition to the wide range of applications, different working widths of the attachments - from 300 millimeters to 370 millimeters up to 450 millimeters - ensure an efficient cleaning process. Two integrated wheels assure easy handling and reduced motion resistance.


  • Efficient

Large spaces – high working width, small spaces – low working width: The different sizes of the attachments and the ability to change quickly ensures maximum efficiency in all types of cleaning.

  • Multifunctional

Cleaning the floor and immediately moving onto vacuuming upholstered furniture is no problem. Removing the attachment by pressing the pedal reveals the integrated upholstery nozzle. Ideal for all commercial cleaning; offices, hotels, educational facilities and institutions. 

  • Flexible

The neck assembly is available in two styles. These two styles of master nozzles allow for expanded connection sizes.  The Click Brush can accommodate suction tubes with diameters ranging from 29 mm to 58 mm. The ClickBrush is also available for use with 19/16 inch ‘S’ (39,2 mm) wands.



Thanks to the interchangeable carrier system, Speed Glider can be combined with Speed ​​Glider.


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