EBK 248

Compact electric powerhead

High performing entry-level model for residential use

The EBK 248 is the ideal partner in the entry-level segment. Powered by the power supply of the vacuum cleaner - wireless via a direct connection (QDC) - the electric brush delivers an exceptional performance and convincing cleaning values on all floors surfaces including hardwood, tile and carpet. The integrated roller brush with double chevron design makes the EBK 248 transitional to any floor surface. EBK 248 also includes the Smart Lock Easy-Change Roller Brush that allows the brush to be removed quickly and easily for removing debris such as human or pet hair that accumulates on the roller. The EBK 248 excels in manoeuvrability, exhuming peak performance in handling.

  • Powerful and safe
    The 18 volt motor is equipped with an auto-reset circuit breaker that protects the motor from excessive heat.
  • Easy maintenance
    The removable brush roller makes EBK 248 quick and easy to clean. Even hair wrapped around the brush roller can be removed effortlessly.
  • Compact design
    Cleaning is effortless due to the size, light weight and manoeuvrability of the EBK 248.
  • Simple elegance
    The innovative design with stylish, rounded curves makes the EBK 248 visually appealing.