Small tool for turbo and electro brushes

Easy cleaning of turbo and electro brushes 

The cleaning tool is ideal for cleaning the brush roller of turbo and electric brushes. The tool can be used to easily remove dust, stickung hair and threads wrapped around the brush roller. It is easy to use and combines three different functions.  

  • Knife
    With the knife, hair and threads that are stuck or wrapped around the brush roller can be lifted carefully and cut through.
  • Comb
    Before hairs wrapped around the brush roller are cut with the knife, they can be loosened and lifted with the comb. THe comb is also used to clean the vacuum cleaner filter. Carefully pulled through the filter lamellas, the teeth of the comb remove stuck dust and dirt particles.
  • Cleaning brush
    With the brush, even areas that are difficult to reach can be easily cleaned from dust and loose particles.