RD 297

Performance-driver for high-performance segment

Eco-designed high-end nozzle for universal use on hard floor & carpet

RD 297 is especially designed for energy-saving vacuum cleaners targeting high-performance segment. The RD 297 achieves best performance test results through its improved airflow, integrated suction duct hose and special base plate. Perfectly designed for the new generation of top performing
high end cleaners designed to adhere to the EU energy rules 2017.

  • Performance
    Extremely high performance for high demands. Ideal to increase cleaning performance, e.g. when used with water filtration vacuums and cyclonic filtration vacuums.
  • High flexible pivot function
  • Efficient
    Extra-long patented Wessel-Werk® quality lint pickers provide efficient recovery o fibers, lint and hair.
  • Ergonomic
    Pivot/swivel neck and large pedal provide ease of use to any operator.
  • For EU Energy Label 2017 designed vacuum cleaners
  • Metal base plate for easy use or plastic base plate for highest efficiency