D 307

Gladly welcomed in hotels & restaurants

Universal vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets

This robust vacuum cleaner nozzle for universal purpose, offers a working width of 300 mm (12”), making the D 307 ideally suited for large areas. Regardless if hard floors or carpeted, the D 307 meets the cleaning needs of commercial environments, such as hotels and restaurants. Turning on the circular PP-/PA- bristles, can easily done by pedal. Symbols can printed on in one or two colors. A metal baseplate with two integrated lint pickers is standard. There are various base plate designs available, allowing ideal pairing of the cleaner and nozzle, thus maximizing performance.


  • Efficient
    Two Wessel-Werk® patented lint pickers provide efficient recovery of fibers, lint, and hair.
  • Robust
    Extremely robust through metal base plate.
  • Adaptable
    Various base plate designs allow for the ideal pairing of the cleaner and nozzle, maximizing performance.
  • Easy switching
    Changing from hard floors to carpets is easily done by pedal.
  • Ideal solution for commercial use
    Its working width of 300 mm (12”) is ideally suited for use in hotels and restaurants.