Proven technology

Injection molding – joining technology – assembly - material

The following information gives an overview about the essential technologies Wessel-Werk is using for injections molding, joining technology, assembly, and material.

  • Manufacturing of injection molding components with up to 1500 g weight in modern injection molding engines with up to 500 t closing force – robot-supported component-pick-up and/or placement included.
  • Drying of hygroscopic plastics.
  • Regulated plastic coloring with batch or for small quantities with powder.
  • Regranulation of starting components and gates as well as their environmentally compatible further utilization
  • Multi-shift operation, small series, high volume
  • Individual packaging – single packaging, bulky loads, boxes, convenience packaging or reusable packaging.
  • Tool sampling and optimization until production approval.
  • Automated process monitoring for engine and robot.
  • Reporting of quality relevant parameters.
  • Individual assembly – completely automated, semi-automated or manually. Development and production of simple assembly aids up to complicated mounting devices for integration into the production process done project-specific.
  • Handling of any established thermoplastic plastics possible, e.g. PP, ABS, PC, PA, POM, TPE, PS, PE, PMMA.
  • Use of e.g. intensifications like fiber, glass balls, carbon fiber or minerals, viscosity, phases, additives for light-resistant or antistatic as well as compounds (e.g. individual colored and proven colored granulates for any specific color.